Your outputs - monthly - set start date?


I connected my stream on the 19th of January.

When I go to my outputs and click the monthly it goes from the 19th of January to the 19th of February. I’m wondering if there’s a way to set this so it starts at the 1st of February.

I would be okay with reinitializing my outputs if that’s the only solution. I’d like to do that today if possible just so it lines up with the first of the month.

I know what the compare function I could use the example in the help section for the “12 days ago” And adjust the “days ago” as the month went on. It’s a little laborious.


thats odd mine shows month by month in monthly data, like my first month was only 9 days a it shows it as 9 days only


If you are referring to graph label, it is indicating Jan 2019 to Feb 2019 rather than 19th of Jan/Feb.


Just a coincidence that the start day is the same as the year.


haha! international conventions strikes again. I’m guessing the OP being ‘DallasConnect’ is from the USA, where ‘Jan 19’ means 19th January, rather than ‘Jan 2019’ for the rest of us Aussies.
@Dallasconnect - the ‘Jan 19’ and ‘Feb 19’ are clickable links - if you click on them, you’ll see which days that are included in those aggregates, and I’m betting you’ll see they switch days on the correct month boundary you’re expecting.


So it’s was just a coincidence …and was not thinking of it as a month year format. All is good!