"Your Outputs" cost balance doesn't account for off-peak

Not sure if this is a known issue, apologies if it is.

On the default “Your Outputs” pages (mine - https://pvoutput.org/list.jsp?userid=7897) the overall balance for the previous month/28 days doesn’t seem to account for off-peak import prices. On my current month I am £10.86 down as I have imported 345kWh + daily charges. A good half of that is off peak and is correct if I look at each day individually - most days are in profit over the last month.

Playing a bit further, switching to “Generation vs Export” view, for the 22nd April I see:

But clicking through to the day itself:

(I can’t capture the pop-up to show more detail).

Now I’m looking at this more, the generation credits in the summary view are completely off.

My system is set to export “Gross UK”, import “Net” but the Credit column bears little relevance to the Generated column, where I would have thought there should be a linear relationship in the Gross / Gross UK models?

Again, each day itself appears OK.

The 0.42 figure is the sum of the balance value the detail view.


The balance of each day is Credit - Debit

The exports are not calculating using Gross UK since an off peak tariff export rate set as 14.24.

The gross uk model multiplies all generation against the peak rate export.

Look at the Credit column for what I mean. For two days where generation is about the same, 20kWh say, there are huge differences; e.g. 6th and 7th - £0.79 and £2.06 respectively.

Have I set the tariff wrong for exports? If so, my misunderstanding - I will review. But there is still a difference, and a big one, in the two views (days in the last month versus each day).

I have removed the off-peak export rate and will leave the system to see if it recalculates differently. Hope this is all it is, and thanks.

Sorry, I should clarify my original topic title: From the pop-up summary box on the “Your Outputs” page the import is only calculated from a single cost while on the per-day pages the similar pop-up shows the differing import rates.

The generation credit value I then highlighted may be completely unrelated.

Apologies for the mixing of numbers.

Well, a few days later and export credits now seem OK and all I did was remove an off-peak export tariff, as suggested.

BB can you perhaps explain or guess as to why this matters? Surely if I am not exporting “off peak” then it shouldn’t matter?

When any non-peak tariff is being detected the calculation will override the ‘UK Gross’ model and use ‘time of export’ instead.

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