Your connection is not private - from google chrome

I use a windows PC and my Samsung S5 smartfone to access Pvoutput and all has been well for many years. 2 days ago I could no longer access pvoutput using my S5. Google reports “your connection is not private” and won’t let me in. Says the site certificate is invalid. Access on PC remains fine .Is this my phone or is it a site issue? Maybe BB needs a shilling in the meter! Apologies if this is nothing to do with Pvoutput, but I just can’t get on the site with my phone!

Sounds like your phone needs an update somewhere as it doesn’t fully trust the certificate here on PVO which has been updated semi-recently within the last month(ish). Caused by an expiration of another main certificate so it caused some issues for quite a number of sites worldwide. This page has more tech detail if you’re interested.

You might be having issues with other sites randomly that might be using the same certificate provider ? If your phone isn’t get any more updates it might be that you need to do some manual work to import the new root certificate.

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The root certificate which the device trusted expired and Let Encrypt (the certificate provider for PVOutput) decided use a new root certificate issued in 2015, which is not trusted by older Android devices.

There should be an option to manually import the certificate that will allow access again.

Thanks guys, for the info… My problem went away a couple of days ago but has returned this morning strangely. As it seems to be my old Galaxy s5 phone I will look at Zandahar’s link and see if I can sort out the certificate. Kind regards G

FWIW I tried to download the new root certificate but my phone couldn’t find it. I found that once I updated all my apps on my phone, (I expect it was google browser that made the difference) google still said it was an invalid certificate but now gave me the option to over-rule it which I did and now I get access but the https bit is crossed through signalling it is no longer secure. Quite happy with this so all is fine now. thanks again, G

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