Wunderground Temp

I’m hoping I might be able to get some help. I can’t seem to get any temperature from my PWS that I have setup on Wunderground. I have set my ID and API key correctly but yet temp still shows up blank.

Here are my settings:

Is there something I’m missing?

Hey Myers, Grace Hollow here! You beat me today by 4kWh, so says the live outputs :slight_smile:

I tried using wunderground but I had an issue with it myself; I signed up for OpenWeatherMap instead and that has worked for me. Not sure if that’s a reasonable workaround for you or not but figured I’d suggest it.


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Hi. The screenshot that you have posted shows that you are trying to use v7…v12 [ Extended Parameters ] to upload the weather data. Unfortunately v7…v12 are only available to Donors to PVO.

You can push the Temperature data directly to v5 if you can obtain it. I can directly obtain data from my PWS ( using an SDR ) connected to a Raspberry Pi and push it to PVO.

To upload the temperature from Wunderground your settings should look something like the following.

I came here to report the same problem. I actually donated because I thought this feature was only available to donors. I followed the documentation and adjust the settings as can be seen from the attached screenshot, still, the temperature remains blank. Is there any clear documentation on how to have weather and other extended information displayed?

I guess I should open another thread for this

Comparing your settings to mine I see one clear difference. I have ‘Main Temperature’ ENABLED, whereas you have it DISABLED.

If you press the TEST link at the end of ‘API Key’ does it return some JSON data or an error?

I only ‘Automatically Upload’ the temperature from my Wunderground account. The other data I extract from the sensors and push directly to PVO with other info extracted from my Fronius Symo.


Thanks for this. I would set mine to disable. I don’t send any temperature data via v5 hence why I had main temperature disabled.

The test result shows below

stationID IKUJE1
obsTimeUtc 2023-01-14T11:06:44Z
obsTimeLocal 2023-01-14 12:06:44
neighborhood Kuje
softwareType GW2000C_V2.1.8
country NG
solarRadiation 592.9
lon 7.226927
realtimeFrequency null
epoch 1673694404
lat 8.879578
uv 5
winddir 237
humidity 18
qcStatus -1
temp 34
heatIndex 31
dewpt 6
windChill 34
windSpeed 3
windGust 6
pressure 978.6
precipRate 0
precipTotal 0
elev 308

Disregard… I finally got this figured out and Wunderground is working for me. Thanks!

Hi @inetjnky just out of curiosity what was the solution to the problem?

I had the wrong API key entered. I was trying to use the PWS api key instead of the api key for Wunderground which is different. The API key is only visible from accessing their website from a PC. I couldn’t see it from my iPhone mobile browser.

Thanks for the feedback.