Wunderground replacement Tool API

Is Abmient and or Openweathermap a similar replacement for Wunderground? That is you find a station on their web site and plug it in our configuration on PVOUT and activate that API to simply obtain i.e. basic info like temperature in my area? Suggestions.
UPDATE: so I created a free acount on OpenWeather web site. Have a key but now I need what PVOUTPUT shows as a CITY ID. Is there not a better/easy way to find my USA town city potential than to rummage through a huge set of zipped up files of world wide locations that PVOUTPUT points one too here? http://bulk.openweathermap.org/sample/
Thanks in advance for any guidance.
UPDATE2: when I put in my town in the weatherforcast site it finds it and when I click on it provides Dutchess County, US. When I try to use this id to enter on PVOUTPUT and click TEST it says it can’t find it. What is it that PVOUTPUT really wants? My town is this and when I got the weatherforcast site email confirming my account I changed their sample URL to this which upon running does find my home town fyi: http://api.openweathermap.org/data/2.5/weather?q=Clinton%20Corners,us&APPID=904d3df38f2a58ebfae9438db02bcca7

Nevermind I think I got it. PVOUTPUT admin can you please change your CITY list link to during system configuration to point to the same location of the CVS file you point too in the system help documentation where the later is direct and simply lists all WW cities correctly. Though my town is not listed a nearby city is. So its the documentation that delayed my abilityt to find a city correctly inconsistent in PVOUTPUT site me thinks. The help had this nice city listy direct link in PVOUTPUT that is easily viewable. Thanks

hi, when you enter your city in the open weather search and it finds your city, the city I.D number is shown in the search bar at the top of the page Simple hay

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