Wunderground Old API Decommissioning



Wunderground have decommissioned their old API as of March 22nd, 2019

This API allowed anyone to register for a free key and access weather data.

The old keys were 16 characters in length and worked with the following server -

The new API allows access for personal weather station (PWS) owners that are uploading to wunderground only -

The new keys are 32 characters in length and works with the following server -

Instructions on how to register for a new key is can found in the first post reply from the IBM representative below -


PVOutput supports the new API by enabling the PWS API option on the Wunderground Auto Uploader and entering the new key.

All old wunderground API keys will be decommissioned from the 5th April 2019.

All requests to api.wunderground.com will cease and the PWS API setting will be enabled by default.

If you do not have a PWS, other options for weather data have been provided -

  • Openweathermap
  • Ambient Weather