Wrong value in PVOutput, how can it be deleted?

I was adding a new device to my system and somthing went wrong. There is a wrong value in my table, ruining my statistics. See the attached picture.
Is there any possibility to delete this record from the table?

I’ve tried to delete it with
https://pvoutput.org/service/r2/deletestatus.jsp?sid=77413&key=My_Key&d=20200806&t=06:55 and the system returned “OK 200: Deleted Status”, but the record is still there!?

Its been removed. Deletions are queued so it may take a moment, depending on what is going on for it refresh.

It is still there, after a few hours.

Update: I’ve tried it with a record of yesterday and the record was deleted instantly, so it might be the case I’ve to wait until tomorrow, to edit today’s day.

I managed to correct the numbers, except for the statistics page. As you can see the ridiculous number is there on the ‘Maximum Net Power’ line. Any possibility to remove this entry from the statistics?

Its removed.

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