Wrong time showing on live screen

I have been observing that the current times which are the wrong times, in live view, are showing on both the produced energy and energy used columns. The times reported should be 1 hour prior (IE: what shows at 9:00 should be for 8:00). If I enable DST, I think I would force this to go one hour ahead which will cause me to have a two hour error. How do I adjust this? The only option I can think of is to change my time zone to the next time zone west of my time zone to report the correct current time on my portal. KettBVhome 10.075kW

Solved. When DST changed, I had enabled “Adjust for DST” and disabled “Synchronize Gateway with Time Server” on my TED 5000 portal. This unfortunately caused the problem I had posted. Last evening, I enabled “Synchronize Gateway with Time Server” and now the correct time reports on my PV output account. My TED 5000 shows the wrong time, however (one hour behind). I can live with that.

I have a TED 5000 and I am looking for a recent bin file to upgrade the firmware. As it is no longer supported by the manufacturer they won’t help me. Do you have a bin file that will upgrade the firmware on this device?


BTW I have the same issue with time but I just chose a different time zone to correct it.

I looked up TED Footprints software. I do not know if this will be useful for you.

I think I will have to as well. I remember that I kept my time zone and this same issue occurred after DST was off. I kept it that way for several months, then suddenly it was displaying the correct time- before DST was on. Now I have the opposite problem.