Wrong energy estimate


Hey Guys/Girls,

Hope you can help me with this…
My system has alway suffered from a difference in energy production in PVOutput (estimated by using avergae power over time???) compared to actual production (my own read off the inverter display).
But lately this difference has gotten ridiculous:

15/sept/2020 18:55 hrs
Estimated by PVOutput: ~11.5 kWh
Report by inverter: 15.7 kWh

Difference: 36.5%!
Is there any way to correct this?

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Edit your estimates



Thanks for your reply, but this is not my point.
I know about these monthly, weekly annual production estimates and these are correctly filled-in.

My point is about a difference in intraday energy production.
As far as i understand PVOutput estimates energy production based on average power.
However this estimate is WAY off compared to actual power produced (srouce: inverter display).



Your questions are not making a lot of sense to me.

What data are you pushing to PVO?


Seems you are referring to Insolation estimate.

However on 15/sept/2020 the inverter reported 11.697 at the end of the day compared to 11.512 insolation.



The estimated energy generated is wrong (should be 16.010 kWh instead of 11.697 kWh).
A difference of 28%

Is this more clear?


That figure is the one reported by the inverter logging software to PVOutput, it isn’t an estimate.

Please check your Eversolar logging software as it is the one providing that value to PVOutput.