Wrong data for Monthly view October 2022

I encountered the Enphase consumption issue these last days and I manually enter the missing values.
My problem now is that in the monthly view for october 2022 the imported value (649) is greater than the consumption value (614). I’ve checked the daily values and for each day I have consumption>imported.
I do not understand where is the mistake : maybe in the data I’ve entered manually ?
Can you help me please?
Here is a screen capture of the Monthly and daily views:
The monthly view:

The daily view:

Thank you

There are still missing entries from the 20th to 24th. These are calculated as shown with dotted lines under the value.

Once the consumption data is complete for the month then the summary will be correct.

Ok thanks for that but the problem is that I don’t have this display. As I posted earlier all values are entered correctly.
Can you tell me where you get this display? I’ll check this anyway.

Click on the 3rd square under the graph to show “Detailed View”.