Wrong daily generated value on days with low generation


It seems that on days where the generation is fairly low, I sometimes get a wrong generation value on the daily page whereas the live view shows the correct value. I had this some weeks ago and it happened again yesterday (10/01/22):


However, if I look at the detail for 10/01/22, I see the correct value:


The other example I have when this happened is here.

@bankstownbloke would be nice if you could have a look. Not sure how it affects data but since this seems to recover from itself the day after and it happens on very low generation days, it is not too critical for me. Thanks.

Ah yeah, it affects the “Live Outputs”. I’m scored at the 5th place right now but I haven’t produce a single Wh today:


Something is definitely wrong…

Seems to be a glitch in the Fronius push data, it is sending the previous days energy value (Nov 29th) at 265Wh as starting value of the next day (Nov 30th).

The live page automatically filters out these issues, but it is still captured for the daily summary.

A workaround will be put in place to handle this soon.

This problem is now being handled properly and the previous days energy should not register on the next days.


Thank you @bankstownbloke