Widget not working "no data found"


I didn’t find any result that helps me, so I open a new topic.

I tried to add the Widget to my homepage, but it only shos me
“No data found

I paste the <script src="https://pvoutput.org/widget/inc.jsp"></script> to the source code of my page and then neither of these strings work:

<script src="https://pvoutput.org/widget/graph.jsp?sid=35336"></script>
<script src="https://pvoutput.org/widget/graph.jsp?sid=35336&w=900&h=280&t=1&c=1"></script>

what do I do wrong?

My ID is 35336, that is correct, I can also see my datas on the pvoutput page …

The example ID “35” shows a graphic. So … do I have to activate this function in my account?
I haven’t found a matching option there…

Is it possible to add the bar graph from the pvoutput page to my page?


Same issue with “Portlet” …

<script src="https://pvoutput.org/portlet/r1/getstatus.jsp?sid=35336"></script>

but the

<script src="https://pvoutput.org/widget/outputs.jsp?sid=35336&w=450&h=180&barwidth=12&barspacing=3&n=1&c=2&d=1&textcolor=00FF00"></script>

shows the graphs. But there are no dates and datas below the bars?


The graph widget only works for system with live 5-minute data.

The above system isn’t reporting any live data.