Why Enphase Readings are now Randomly 5, 10, 15 minutes apart?


Hello I noticed today that the readings of a given day are now reading sporatically as 5, 10, 15, etc. minutes apart and stored. I am one of the originals haveing 5 minute readings I know at one time a few years ago Enphase went to 10 or 15 minute intervals but because I htink my grandfathered system went back to 5minute readings stored that you could pull into PVOUTPUT
Do you have a bug PVOUTPUT or has something changed that you know about?
Here is a sample day of my system: sample day
As I said look carefully at the readings you captured Block…there are 5, 10, 15, etc. readings sporatically through the sample day.
UPDATE: it appears this has gone back to 9/6/2019 and I dont recall this being the case that far back as I check my system daily almost…so was data reloaded somehow ever and messed up or? I notice not only 5, 10 and 15 minutes but even 20 minute interval entries!


And the events for today are nicely recording 5 minute intervals at least up to 9:20 NY time and here is a link and picture right now today: current day readings


Enphase reports change in energy, when it does not increase then power is 0.

It looks fine by the end of the day.


I guess I am wondering why on some days in the m iddle of the day not end of day there are 5 minute intervals that become 15 minute intervals and it is sunny out producing so I am not questioning the 0 entries especailly towards end of day. As you recall at one teime enphase changed their readings of data allowed to 15 minute intervals but some of us were grandfathered in to the 5 minute intervals. It was working fine since they reset me some years ago back to 5 but PVO seemed to be recording or missing I should some readings indicating history of at times 15 minutes apart. That was my point.