Which system types count towards limit of 10 Multiple Systems?

Do all my systems count to my limit of 10? or only the active ones?

I ask as I am writing an up-loader for the json data available from the new Enphase Envoy and don’t want to burn through my lifetime system count just to make unit testing easier.

I think you are talking about the Envoy-S which supports both the User, Manager and Installer applications. I am not sure if Enphase Manager is limited to any number of individual systems that it can monitor.

Sorry I meant the limit of systems on PVoutput.org.

The Enphase Enlighten website is doing an ok job displaying the data but I am working on getting per inverter/batery/meter graphing in pvoutput extended data.
current progress

This is produced in Enlighten Manager

Yep i know but I want multiple inverters on a single page to compare performance which isn’t in enlighten manager

(green line is battery, which throws graphing out a bit but the others are panels with different shading issues)

All of them, regardless of status, count toward the limit.

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