Where to update crontab in SBFspot

I installed SBFspot on a Raspberry Pi 3B last week and it works pretty good,
Every 5 minutes it uploads the bluetooth data of my SMA Sunnyboy 4000TK to PVOutput and I am able to include the PVOutput data in my Home Assistant, I also uploaded all the older data via csv files to the PVOutput (SolarDAUW) is fully up-to-date

There is however a small thing…the cronjob operates between 7am to 7pm. At 7pm there is however still a small output of 12-30 Watt. Consequenty the live data never goes to zero. It appears to me that this can be easy solve by adjusting the cronjob and set the end time to e.g 8 pm or 9pm.

From the old document you should do this with crontab -e

But the only crontab file I could find (/etc/crontab) is not including the part that is activating SBFspot

I install SBFsport via the latest instruction : curl -s https://raw.githubusercontent.com/sbfspot/sbfspot-config/master/sbfspot-config | sudo bash

Question is thus how to adjust the cronjob in this latest configuration ?



That’s very strange because default crontab is from 6 to 23h

# timings used in cron jobs
readonly t_daydata="*/5 6-22 * * *"	# Every 5 mins from 06:00:00 - 22:59:59
readonly t_monthdata="55 05 * * *"	# Run once a day at 05:55:00

You should see the job schedules using crontab -e
Are you sure there aren’t any crontab for sudo? (sudo crontab -e)

crontab -e

## SBFspot
*/5 6-22 * * * /usr/local/bin/sbfspot.3/daydata
55 05 * * * /usr/local/bin/sbfspot.3/monthdata

I managed to get the the crobtab adjusted and indeed it was already aet from 6 AM to 11 PM
Just run the crontab -e at the pi user directory worked…I was looking to deep into the system…
So that is not the reason there is still power reported during the night

Maybe the moon is still providing some power…

It works further very nice, so maybe I should worry about the remaining power during the night