Where best to pull ALL the data :)


Hi guys, new user here.

I’m interested in where I can pull ALL the data from - in terms of a) PV generated, b) SelfConsumption, c)Export to Grid.

Does the SMA Inverter have all of this data?

I had a ‘consumption meter’ installed when the system was installed. and next Fri will have a Smart Meter installed which will measure how much I feed back to the grid.

Is it just one connection to the inverter that I need to pull all of this - or is there a better place to pull data? Sunny Portal?

Keen to get it all into pvoutput


Ivan :slight_smile:


AFAIK the inverter in only reporting generation. You can use SBFspot to get the data out of the inverter and send it to pvoutput


A youless sends PV production and the results of the smart meter to PVO


You can retrieve the current and historic values also with the Android App „Oxley Solar“.


I’ve got the same dilemma. I’m a newbie and just uploaded all my generation data since 2016 using the SolarEdge app. However, I can’t seem to get the consumption data from my utility in a form that makes sense. Looking for help as well.


Exactly. Is there some energy meter that is able to send additional data about export and usage? Like send the data regardless of the inverter data, separately and the site would then combine both of them?