When was my maximum power day?

I notice on statistics my maximum power figure is recorded but not the date it occurred on. Is there anyway our host could add this tantalizing date? I am interested because I have a 3.995kw system and my maximum power is 3.984kw. Only a few watts off maximum. Nice to see how this occurred and what the temperature was etc.

how i find mine ,is go to monthly view,find the month with max power click on that month and it will show on what day it happened Jim

Changed this to an idea.

Thanks Jimdcollie for this - so - I go to monthly view and click on Statistics yes? - this tells me the maximum power (lifetime) and an individual month and other quarters etc. I scroll across to next period looking for a month which matches the maximum. When I get back to Jun 2018 there are no more earlier dates to choose. It seems my max power occurred before June 2018 and there is no data for that period for some reason. Do you get the same - ie no data before June 2018? Perhaps BB didn’t keep these stats before that date?

under max power 4 lines down is the date it was generated on for lifetime, max and 3 months and this month also, my records go back to November 2010 so you should be able as a Donator to see back to the start of your system haw many months do you have showing when in monthly view, max is 60 on on screen at a time, Jim

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To add to this one, I would find it useful to report the first time in the day when your ‘energy generated’ exceeds your ‘energy used’ (break even point for the day).

For example - you could compare daily where your sweet spot is for your system.

System stats now show the maximum power dates below their respective power reading -

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