What temperature is used to calculate Insolation?


When I use the inverter temperature from my SolarEdge 7600 SE it causes a problem with the insolation calculation. Apparently PVOutput assumes that the inverter temperature is the ambient temperature for the solar panels. As a result the insolation numbers are incorrect. If the temperature setting uses the weather station temperature the insolation is correct.
I would suggest that PVOutput’s program should be able to distinguish what temperature is being reported and either use a regional average temperature or PWS temperature to calculate insolation or disable insolation.


My microinverters dump their internal temps at each 1 minute reporting interval. The Raspberry Pi and program I use, were originally set up to average and report them to PVOut. I have disabled this temp upload in the Pi programming, and have PVOut pull temp data form my PWS. PWS reports to Ambient and WU, and PVOut can pull from either. My PWS also reports solar power readings (and UV), and I have PVOut pull the solar power from PWS in along with the temperature data. No real reason to track solar readings, other than just a nice comparison of the graphs.


The temperature uploaded to v5 is used for insolation derating.