Weird surge in power used overnight

I’m still getting a few surges every day.
They seem to be at 5 minutes past the hour.

I have contacted fronius to see if they are able to roll back to the previous firmware

Try replacing n=1 with auto=1, this will take affect on the next day so best to do this after sunset and review the following day.

See the Parameter Auto section from the below for more information -

Just confiding that my graphs have been looking normal since setting it to auto=1

Thanks bankstownbloke


Sorry to resurrect an old thread but I had exactly this issue a few days ago. I saw a huge power consumption peak moving through out the day to eventually settle at 23:55. If I compare to SolarWeb, the final energy used for that day is more or less correct (a ~300Wh difference with SolarWeb). However that peak never happened in real life. Not sure what happened, nothing rebooted as far as I know at that time. Also it is the first time I notice this. Weird enough, the same problem happened the same day on my brother’s system :thinking:

The problem is now that this peak at 14’868W is recorded as my “Maximum Net Power” and date on the statistics page :frowning:

Just for the record, I downloaded the live CSV data from that date, replaced the 14’868W peak value with more probably value and kept the energy used as it was. I then re-imported the CSV with the live loader and problem fixed :smile: