Weird consumption figures - Fronius Push auto=1 power spike


Not really sure whats happened today, but after renewing my donation (expired 2 days ago) tonight my consumption data has gone crazy. (20/08/19)
I’m not sure if when the donation status expired, its taken out some extra field that I had put in and forgotten about, but I cant work out what it may have been?
currently have " &v6=Voltage_AC_Phase_1&n=1&delay=15 " under the meter push setting,
**** edit **
Seems to have settled back again, have taken out the “&n=1&delay=15”


The graphs look normal today, the gaps in the upload was caused by the donation expiring and limiting the amount of uploads and/or disabling the hourly Fronius Log Push if its been setup.


Are you shure? Since 3 days i have every day around 18 till 19 o clock strange peaks in the graphs like this. In the night they go away with the Inverter log data push.

Mmh, when i think about, i updated 3 days ago the fronius inverter to fw 30311… may be they have build in a new bug.

Now the peak is 19:55, look the 2nd Picture.

20:55 the same, the peak is always at 55 minutes


I too am getting this for the last 3 days it has been messing my figures up.


The large power spikes are caused by the large jump in energy consumption reported by Fronius Push with the auto=1 option, e.g. 5.9kWh to 17.09kWh in 5 minutes.

Has the system also been configured with an hourly log push?

Its possible the new firmware has introduced a bug, there hasn’t been any changes on PVOutput on how this data is processed.


I’m also getting these spikes, i was running the older firmware 3.10 and thought this was the issue, i have since upgraded to the latest fronius firmware and still experience these weird 100k-200k spikes in my power usage.

Another user i’m friends with on here also is experiencing the same spike issues.


yes, there is also a hourly log push configured


speaking of which.


Yeah, I’m having the same issue too since the 24/08/19. But what I’m seeing is my energy used spike.




Thanks for the reports, the problem seems to be affecting those using auto=1 in the Fronius Meter Push.

The Fronius meter seems to be reporting a unrealistic jump in the import value between pushes which causes consumption to also jump resulting in the power spike.

A workaround has been implemented to block these scenarios. Lets see what happens the next day.


Mmh, again today


Same here Fronius Symo Hybrid 3 phase Consumption becomes = Generated at the end of the day, around inverter going offline time.

Started 24/08/2019


Today ok
20:04 Wednesday, 28 August 2019 (CEST)

and interesting what means “next day”, “tomorrow” and “today” in the World :slight_smile:


Looks better since 28-Aug, the old spikes have also been repaired for you from the 24-Aug.

Thank you all for your patience, a data repair tool will soon be made available allow individual bad records to be fixed, its still in testing.