Weird consumption figures - Fronius Push auto=1 power spike

Not really sure whats happened today, but after renewing my donation (expired 2 days ago) tonight my consumption data has gone crazy. (20/08/19)
I’m not sure if when the donation status expired, its taken out some extra field that I had put in and forgotten about, but I cant work out what it may have been?
currently have " &v6=Voltage_AC_Phase_1&n=1&delay=15 " under the meter push setting,
**** edit **
Seems to have settled back again, have taken out the “&n=1&delay=15”

The graphs look normal today, the gaps in the upload was caused by the donation expiring and limiting the amount of uploads and/or disabling the hourly Fronius Log Push if its been setup.

Are you shure? Since 3 days i have every day around 18 till 19 o clock strange peaks in the graphs like this. In the night they go away with the Inverter log data push.

Mmh, when i think about, i updated 3 days ago the fronius inverter to fw 30311… may be they have build in a new bug.

Now the peak is 19:55, look the 2nd Picture.

20:55 the same, the peak is always at 55 minutes

I too am getting this for the last 3 days it has been messing my figures up.

The large power spikes are caused by the large jump in energy consumption reported by Fronius Push with the auto=1 option, e.g. 5.9kWh to 17.09kWh in 5 minutes.

Has the system also been configured with an hourly log push?

Its possible the new firmware has introduced a bug, there hasn’t been any changes on PVOutput on how this data is processed.

I’m also getting these spikes, i was running the older firmware 3.10 and thought this was the issue, i have since upgraded to the latest fronius firmware and still experience these weird 100k-200k spikes in my power usage.

Another user i’m friends with on here also is experiencing the same spike issues.

yes, there is also a hourly log push configured

speaking of which.

Yeah, I’m having the same issue too since the 24/08/19. But what I’m seeing is my energy used spike.



Thanks for the reports, the problem seems to be affecting those using auto=1 in the Fronius Meter Push.

The Fronius meter seems to be reporting a unrealistic jump in the import value between pushes which causes consumption to also jump resulting in the power spike.

A workaround has been implemented to block these scenarios. Lets see what happens the next day.


Mmh, again today

Same here Fronius Symo Hybrid 3 phase Consumption becomes = Generated at the end of the day, around inverter going offline time.

Started 24/08/2019

Today ok
20:04 Wednesday, 28 August 2019 (CEST)

and interesting what means “next day”, “tomorrow” and “today” in the World :slight_smile:

Looks better since 28-Aug, the old spikes have also been repaired for you from the 24-Aug.

Thank you all for your patience, a data repair tool will soon be made available allow individual bad records to be fixed, its still in testing.

Hi. I recently assisted in setting up a new solar p.v. system onto PVO.

The inverter is a 5kW Fronius Primo to which a Fronius Smart Meter is attached. The five ( 5 ) minutely CONSUMPTION figures are exhibiting the same weird spikes as reported in this thread. ‘auto=1’ IS included in the meter push string.

Thankfully the hourly LOG push overwrites the rather large consumption figures.

The affected system is 804217

The data uploaded to SolarWeb are fine.

Any suggestions?

There seems to be 2 meter pushes for this system, one with auto=1 and one without. This may be confusing things, please have only 1 meter push.

Hi @bankstownbloke. That would explain things. The system’s owner tells me that he tried deleting and recreating all the PUSH strings after I had visited. He must have configure TWO ( 2 ) meter pushes in error.