Weather Underground's new Dashboard


Here is a screenshot of old and new WU dashboards.


The temp tracing change on my WU account are in single degree rather than 0.1 degrees so they are not as refined. The wind direction and speed are in 5 minute (roughly) intervals rather than seconds. All other seem the same but I do not see a 5 or 10 day forecast. I would say the Ambientweather net at this point would be better assuming it does not change.


Over on, there’s a thread in which a WU Rep indicates that they are working on bring back 0.1 degree resolution to the dashboard. No indication that this would trickle down into the API though.


Just tried logging into my WU account. Undergoing maintenance, please stand by…


I have changed from WU to Ambient Weather so I am no longer relying on the former. I do have a paid membership at WU till 3/15/2020. I haven’t received any notices of termination of services from the API even though I did get the initial one notifying me I would be contacted about the API services being terminated.
I can live with the data as it is presented and I also get temp rounded to nearest degree, wind speeds to nearest one tenth ft/s, and rain to the nearest hundredth in on the Dashboard.


WU is in the process of migrating all the PWSs to a new server. They did it for mine just a day ago and I am now on the new server. Here is a link to your station.


Just found it. Thank You.


Slow as a wet week for me, and no matter how many times I set it to C, it displays in F.

Wunderground continues to get worse.


My current temp shows 31 degrees F. My low for today shows 34 degrees F. WU needs to work on the dashboard. I’ll continue to use