Weather condition column is not actually weather conditions

For example, in the following link, weather conditions column show “Showers” for 6/6/2022 and 6/5/2022 , and “cloudy” for 6/4/2022 .

The solar energy production was indeed minimal for 6/6 and 6/5. That’s not because of showers, though. It’s because the house was being fumigated for termites, and the solar panels were covered by a tent. I’m surprised there was any energy production at all for 6/6 and 6/5 as the house was fully covered ! The tent was put up on 6/4, which has reduced energy production. It was very sunny that day, not cloudy.

It is just a calculation based on output -

I’ve always been a bit bemused by this - eg. there is no option for ‘Rain’. ‘Showers’ in the UK means periods of rain (sometimes heavy) interspersed with sunny intervals - quite common in April (hence ‘April Showers’). I was wondering if ‘Showers’ was an Oz euphemism because they might not have known what proper rain is - but recent events in the Sydney area have disproved that theory :cry::cry::cry:

There were a few sunny days in January 2018 when my panels produced zero (yes - zilch) - but that was because they were covered with snow from the previous day. For completeness, I edited the weather condition to ‘Fine’ (which should read ‘Sunny’) and added a note about the snow.

Thanks. Didn’t realize this was documented. Since one already lists their location, would it be possible to fetch weather data and store it ? Maybe have an extra column named “Weather conditions” and rename the existing one to something else.

BTW, I’m not getting any email notifications from this forum, which is why I’m responding 17 days late. I must be missing a setting somewhere.