Wattvision issues


Yes, I have changed nothing in the configuration for my weather station. I have been exporting Temp to Main graph and Solar Radiation to Extended Data v7.

The change in my temp reporting seems to be tied to the change in Uploader.


I get the temperature from the inverter and that seems to still be working ok, but I also get weather data from WU through extended stats and noticed that it is a little behind. Not too big of a deal as the data eventually always populates.


You should not send two different variables to the same v# because the second value will overwrite the first. However, not all Weather Stations supply a value for Solar Radiation which may obviate the problem. Change one of them to another variable you don’t presently use.


Thank you for the heads up. I don’t think I’ve ever seen solar radiation data show up, come to think of it. Is it best to disable that and leave WU data on Ext. Data 7? Ideally, would love to capture both SolarEdge temp (present state) and WU temp seperatly. To date, even though I have both configured as shown, I only see the SE temp data appear. Any ideas are appreciated.