Voltaggio solaredge

Ho un problema con la visualizzazione dei volt del mio impianto, alla voce voltage mi riporta un valore di 370 v che è anomalo, se leggo sul display dell’inverter il voltaggio è giusto 220/240, per modificare questo dato che riporto in foto allegata come posso fare?

The voltage is correct. It is the DC voltage or your PV system and not your house voltage.
La tensione è corretta. È la tensione di CC o il vostro sistema di PV e la non vostra tensione della casa.

Thank Iwsmiser
I know that the tension of my house is 220 v, I wanted to understand why pvoutput tells me 370, while the solaredge display shows me from 220 to 240 v,

There are two important voltages at the inverter. The input from the PV panel string(s) is Direct Current and that voltage is reported to PVOutput. The second is Alternating Current and that voltage is the AC output of the inverter to your house circuits or the Grid. That voltage is not reported to PVOutput. You will note that on the PVOutput display the 370 Volts is recorded only during PV power production and goes to zero while there is no power production. Here is the plot for my system for yesterday:

Since the Voltage scale is not shown I have marked the approximate voltage as 370 in the graph. Note that the Voltage is zero before sunrise and after sunset.
The AC voltage is not uploaded from the inverter as far as I know. My inverter is a SolarEdge SE7300A-US. It is made for the US market and its AC output is a nominal 120+ Volts which is set by the inverter to just above the Grid voltage so that it can be pushed unused power into the Grid.
Check this post for another user with a similar question:

Just checked one day using the solaredge Dashboard to show AC Voltage (Red) and Current (Green) and DC Voltage (Blue) in one graph. You can download the data as well:

Thanks again for the answer

my inverter is a solaredge SE6000
and like me, other people on an Italian forum have the same inverter
and they loaded their system on PVoutput by displaying v. between 220 and 240, I think it’s a PVuotput setup problem, but I can not find the problem

the voltage from the inverter screen is both AC and DC

@gigio you can now fix this by editing your system in pvoutput and changing the voltage display from DC to AC Phase 1.

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