Voltage from 3 fazes?


I can see voltage on screen but only from one phase - any chance to see voltage from all three phase ?

I could just say ‘yes’ but that would be very unhelpful. :slight_smile: to you and any others who may read this post.

There is a lot that you haven’t said. What ‘screen’ are you talking about? What sort of inverter do you have? Should we assume that it is a 3 phase inverter? Or a single phase inverter attached to one phase of a 3 phase supply?

Since you are a PVO Donor you may be able to upload the voltage(s) of more than one phase if you can measure it / them.

PVO provide(s) v6 specifically to upload voltage. If you wished to upload the voltage(s) of the other 2 phases you would need to use one or more of the Extended fields v7 … v12 for that purpose.

I imagine that you may well need to use a custom written script for that purpose.

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