V2 Production data restarts plotting same data an hour after first light


About an hour after sunrise the v2 variable is shifted to an hour later as if it started recording at that time but the first hour is recorded at the correct time and added to the total. Here is a screen shot of the behavior. It stated on Feb 6th. This continues till sunset and the last data recorded an hour after sunset.

Here is the complete plot:

This shows the complete production for today with v2 plotted against the solar sensor on my weather station just a few feet away for the panels. v2 is offset by one hour after the first hour after sunrise until sunset. Any Idea as to what is happening? Before the 6th the solar sensor tracked very closely with the v2 values.


Even more oddly the figures are not identical. I guess that rules out some weird timezone / daylight savings issue. The data in the Voltage column is odd too for the 7th Feb. Is it ‘normal’? Should the values track main’s voltage - whatever that would ordinarily be?


I have made some changes in the voltage reported. I was plotting Phase 1 voltage and switched to DC voltage, 371. Today, 2/9/20 it is back to normal. Not sure what caused the one hour shift for those two days. I also went back to the inverter temperature from the PWS feels like temperature. Thats the reason for the odd temp plot switching between the two. Sigh, such is what you get when you fool around with settings when you are “sure” what you are doing is right.
I have corrected the production values for both days and everything looks good now. Today we are back in sync.