V1 - Energy Generation


I have a question about what is expected to be pushed in ‘v1’ - Energy Generation.

Background. I have put together a PHP script to extract 20 minutely data from the ‘ZeverCloud’ and push it to PVO. The ZeverCloud API call returns the energy generated for the respective 20 minute interval.

So at 14:00 it reports that 770Whr ( It’s getting cloudy ) was generated for the period 13:50 -> 14:00



Describes ‘v1’ as Energy Generation in Whr. I also see that there is a Cumulative Energy flag available but it specifically mentions ‘lifetime’ energy. So my question is, is ‘v1’ ‘Interval Energy’ or something else like Daily Cumulative?

The reason I ask it that the new system that I have added is updating time wise but the amount of Energy is unchanging - Where the Energy is being uploaded automatically.



PS If you saw my other post regarding Zever[Cloud|Solar] I have been unable to contact them and obtain the necessary keys to suck the data directly into PVO

Energy v1 is the cumulative daily energy. The first value of the day is 0Wh and increases throughout the day.

When v1 is omitted is it calculated by using the value of v2 and the elapsed time from the last data point.

Thanks. Given the low interval update rate for Power from ZerverCloud using v2 would be a poor option.

I did manage to get a response from service.au@zeversolar.net

They said nothing was wrong, but immediately following their email I logged onto ZeverCloud and all necessary information was there.

Give that email a try.

I will give it a whirl. Thanks.