Using Tariffs when there is no Peak Tariff

I’ve edited the Tariff values for my system to match my utilities TOU tariffs. My utility uses Peak, Off Peak and Super Off Peak rates which I’ve translated to Peak, Shoulder and Off Peak relative to PVOutput. On weekends and holidays, my utility does not have Peak Rates and everything is either Shoulder or Off Peak. So for Peak, I checked M,T,W,T,F and entered hours from 14:00 to 20:00. I left Peak 2 blank. Shoulder 1 is 08:00-14:00 M-Fr, Shoulder 2 is 20:00-22:00 M-Fr and Shoulder 3 is 08:00-22:00 Sat, Sun, P/H. High Shoulder is not used.

The problem is, when I look at my TOU Usage on a weekend (26Nov2017 for example) PVOutput shows a total for Peak usage that should be 0. Should I be setting up my tariffs differently?

SysID=5245, UserID=6582

The tariff settings look correct. Uploads to a weekend date will only attribute to shoulder and off-peak.

Is Add Output API being used in anyway that would overwrite existing data?

Selecting the date and clicking on MORE then Recalculate

OK, That helps. I do run a script nightly that uses the Add Output API to true up the difference between the device I use to upload my live consumption data with the daily Net Energy data obtained from a Rainforest Eagle device. Right now it’s just updating Import Peak with the total Energy imported for the day as up until now I wasn’t on TOU rates.

I’ll need to rework that script to break my trued-up Energy Import into Peak, Shoulder and Off-Peak.