Using my own Netatmo Weather Station?


Hi @bankstownbloke is it possible to use my own Netatmo Weather Station data with PVO?


There seems to be an API to access the data, but PVOutput does not support this.

May consider if enough people ask for this.


I use the Dev API to feed the weather data to my Vera home automation controller and it works great.


I would be interested in this - already have Netatmo Weather


Chaps, I found a workaround to get Netatmo data into WU and then PVO

1/ setup an account here:

2/ link your Netatmo PWS
3/ On WU, Setup an account and a Weather Underground PWS using HW type Netatmo (it wont do anything yet)
4/ Back on Meteoware, under “Weather Networks”, add Weather Underground using your Sattion ID and Key (as password)
5/ in WU, generate an API key and then use it to configure PVO weather.