Using intraday extended data on daily charts?


I have manually imported intraday (every 5 minutes) values into V7 and V8 using the CSV live loader.

I can see the results in the daily charts via ‘live view’. However when I go to a daily comparison it shows nothing - ‘No daily extended data available or it is hidden’

How can I show the daily figures?

I have a file that contains the daily totals however I cannot see how to load these values into ‘v7-12’?

I want to avoid overwriting the 5 minute data.


To record extended daily data, a summary needs to be configured for the parameter.


I am now getting a daily view, but only for one day?

For whatever reason I am only shown a single record (for 17/06) on the extended data page?

Even when I toggle the Summary settings from None to Sum it doesn’t seem to make a difference.

Data is visible on 5 minute intervals when cycling through the live view (by day).


Did you save your changes after making them. Any changes you made to your system will not be saved unless you click on the “Save” button at the bottom of the page. I have missed doing this with similar results.


I pressed saved. There is intraday data for all days from 14-20 June. The daily, weekly and monthly only show one date - 17/06?


Convinced this is a bug.

The data is loaded and provides a success message - “Your data was uploaded and is scheduled for loading in the next 2-3 minutes”. It is visible by cycling through the ‘live’ days. However is not visible on the ‘daily’ view (even though loaded).

There must be a job that is failing in the background. The job that pushes the data to be visible via the ‘daily’ view.

I retried uploading the days that were not displaying and they now appear.

Any ideas?


The summaries are saved from the present, historic data is not summarised due to the amount of data.


I re-uploaded the data for the days visible via ‘live’ but not ‘daily’. Records are now showing in the ‘daily’ view.

However these daily figures do not seem to make sense in relation to the ‘summary’ setting.

If I select sum - should the daily view show the total sum of the daily interval values?


Yes, the Sum option will sum all 5-minute data points and save that value as the daily summary value.


I compared the interval loaded data to my import file and it matched. The daily figure was understated.

I wiped the interval file and re uploaded. I needed to do this a few times to rectify. Now working.

I think that something failed in the background to not show/load the total sum in the daily view.