Use Extended Values to upload Temp from Current Cost

Hey All,

Hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

My system is using the auto-uploader service (v1.5) supporting an Aurora Inverter and a current Cost sensor. My weather is via openweather Map and is reporting correctly on the main page.

I want to monitor the temperature as reported by the current cost meter (this is installed in a Comms Cabinet and I’m trying to use it to trigger an event in Homeseer to turn on a PC Fan if the temp is too high).

I can’t seem to get the syntax right. I’ve tried adding v7.sensor=v5 in the currentcost.ini file, but that didnt work.

any help or pointers would be great! Thanks!!!


Try this post by B-man. Guide for CurrentCost ENVIR on Pi with PVOutput Intergration service
It looks like “v5” should be just the sensor number “5”

Thanks @lwsmiser, think I’m getting closer, but still not right :frowning:

I corrected v7.sensor=5 to the currentcost.ini file, but I’m still not getting any data through to the site. I don’t think I have anything wrong on the set-up side of the site, settings are pretty basic and straight forward.:
I don’t know if it is because of the openweather integration that I’m running? It looks easy from the site perspective to have the openweather map data flush into extended values, but not sure if that config is somehow preventing me from using it for the current cost.

The current cost logs are showing the temperature correctly locally, so I must still have something not right.

The Integration service only supports uploading temperature to v5.

One method to assign temperature is using Extended Data Rule in the system configuration.

v7 = v5

This will copy temperature data to v7.

The rule only triggers if an extended parameter is uploaded, but you can upload dummy sensor data to v7 and it should be overwritten by the rule, e.g. in currentcost.ini uncomment -


found it!!
Testing it out

@bankstownbloke thanks for all your help so far,

I have made those changes now, though I now get a constant value on the v7:

any ideas?
currently, I’m not using any locally acquired temp values (except what I’m trying to do at the moment), as the weather value is currently via openweather.

Unfortunately the rule doesn’t have access to the openweather temperature, so it will need to use the temperature from currentcost.

Thanks for the responses,

I’m not sure I really explained the whole picture of the setup, so before I put a nail in this path, though I would take one last run at it.

My site is Steve’s Power Plant MK2

Currently the temperature is being provided by the openweather integration in the Setup section of the website. Everything is working correctly and is really robust - a testament to the hard work done by @bankstownbloke and other contributors.

What I would like to do next though, is monitor the temperature as reported by the current cost meter which is currently recording consumption values. The CurrentCost meter is physically installed in a cupboard that houses other IT equipment and gets pretty warm.

After getting a 3d printer, I decided a “mini-project” would be to implement a PC Fan that extracts the air out of this cupboard when a defined temp is reached. I thought using the CurrentCost Temp value would be a great source for this, and I could use Homeseer automation to grab the value from the website via API, and activate the fan as required.

I don’t want to change the temperature that is displayed as the normal value on the site, as its working awesomely (v5 I assume), what I’m trying to do is add this to an extended value.

Is this possible? If not, I’ll explore option B!

Thanks again for all the help!

There is an option to do this on the openweathermap device config -


Hi Guys,

Thanks for all the help. I can get CurrentCost Temp to report as V5 (main temperature), and openweathermap to report as V7. Is there a way to flip this? I.E. openweathermap temp as V5 and CurrentCost Temp as V7?

Unfortunate its not possible, since the integration service only uploads to v5.

There would need to be an enhancement to allow this.

why not just do something like this

Try the following patch that will allow temperature to be sent to an Extended Parameter -

Patch steps -

  1. Download the above file
  2. Stop the Integration Service
  3. Make a backup of file <install_directory>\lib\org.pvoutput.integration.jar
  4. Copy org.pvoutput.integration_1.5.5.jar to <install_directory>\lib
  5. Rename the file to org.pvoutput.integration.jar
  6. Edit currentcost.ini and add lines -
    • temperature-main=off
    • temperature-to=v7
  7. Start the Integration Service

This will disable v5 upload and send temperature to v7. Other values v8-v12 supported.

Love your work!!! Works perfectly, thanks @bankstownbloke

Hey @B-Man , this would definitely work, but I need it to be a bit smarter. The cupboard is right beside one of the kids’ bedrooms, so I wanted to have the ability to turn off at a certain time or run constantly when no one is home, etc. Which is why HomeSeer ticked the boxes.
@bankstownbloke has done some magic below and it is working perfectly, in that the currentcost temp is being uploaded to V7.

The next step is to pull this from the website and have it as a value in Homeseer that I can run events on.

A big thank you to all involved!