Uploading IotaWatt data


Help needed please.
I have been trying to get my IotaWatt data to display correctly on PV Output, but cannot figure it out.

It appears that the consumption data is being added to the generation data.
There is also a 5 minute display difference, even though all clocks are set to correct time.

Any help is greatly appreciated


I see that you are new to PVOutput. In order to receive help you need to supply information on how your system is installed like pictures of where your IoTaWatt CT’s are connected, to which circuits, etc. From what the graph shows you are actually sending your PV production to PVOutput as consumption which indicates that your IoTaWatt CT’s are on your PV input lines. You may have other CT’s in your system but you have not stated that. Post pictures of your electrical panel(s) showing the placement of all the IoTaWatt CT’s and we can be of more help. A link to your PVOutput page would be helpful.
I managed to locate your system and it looks like an excellent performing system. If you have only two CT’s you should move them from the Solar leads to the mains. This will give you your NET usage which you can send to PVOutput but you will have to properly describe you input as NET. With NET and solar Production PVOutput can determine your consumption. However, you must setup the model correctly in PVOutput. PVOutput’s Help function can help do that. If you cannot determine the proper model setup post here for more help.


Thanks for your reply Iwsmiser. Yes my system does perform very well and has done for many years.

I am new to IotaWatt and would like to be able to measure my consumption and visualise it on the same graph (PV Output) as I visualise my generation (production) on.

I have not yet set up the CT placing and configurations as I would like to learn how it all “works” first.

So, my initial setup is that I have ONE CT, plugged into the IotaWatt, and configured to monitor my main AC supply. i.e. consumption.
Don’t care about gross or net at this stage, I just want to measure (and graph) whatever current (power) flows thru that conductor.
I want to be able to graph whatever happens on that conductor, base consuption, turn the kettle on, whatever.
When the sun is shining and I am generating, I expect to see reduced or even negative current flows thru the conductor that I have my ONE CT on.

Pretty basic at this stage, but that is how I learn.

Now I want to be able to get this “consumption” data onto my “generatiion” graph, showing up in red.(default?)

And as long as this “consumption” is less than my “generation” the (red?) lines and areas on the graph will be less than and lower than the green lines and areas of my generation.

You can see from the screen shots that I posted, for some reason the “consumption” is getting ADDED onto my “generation”

Obviously a simple configuration error.

This is my query

ps. the single CT that I have connected is actually connected to the inverter output (active). Two reasons for this.

  1. that conductor is easily accessible

  2. the data resolved by that CT will be very close (but NOT identical due to % margin of error of the CT) to the power that is reported by the inverter directly. This will make the 2 data sets displayed on the graph basically overlay each other nearly identically with the difference being the error between the two readings.

  3. this setup is just for testing purposes only at this stage.


It seems like the consumption (red) is being uploaded as generation (green).


Yes yes, I think it was.

I have also found that the iotawatt uploads a null value “-” into the generation field of PVO if there is no generation field specified in the iotawatt uploader.

PVBC then over-writes this null value when PVBC pushes its data.