Uploaded data points skipped at 1hr 25min intervals


I am uploading usage data to three extended variables. The data are consumption integrated over 5 minute intervals in kWh units for Phase A, Phase B and total energy consumption. After my PV system begins producing power beginning between 6 and 8 AM a data point is dropped and thereafter about every hour and 25 minutes another point is dropped until the PV system stops producing power. No further points are dropped until the next day’s PV production starts.
Any ideas as to what causes this? Perhaps a timing conflict between the Solaredge API uploads?


How is the extended data being uploaded?


Using an API running on a RPI 3.0. It uploads the integrated solar output by phases and the total every 5 minutes.


Possibly log / check the time paramter sent (t). It may be sending the same time value as the last and updating a previous value instead of adding a new value.


That seems to be the problem. Each timestamp which exceeds the 2.5 minute point the data is put into the next time slot. How do I correct that?


The API accepts the value it is uploaded, the fix needs to be done on the software doing the upload.