Uploaded data not showing today

Today I received the following message from PVoutput:

Your system ‘Araminta Station - East/West’ has stopped uploading live data


  1. I have not changed anything in my system
  2. my own internal logging software shows logging is OK
  3. The SBFspotUploadDaemon log file shows successful logging - see below
  4. My 2nd inverter continues to show data in PVoutput

[13:03:14] INFO: SBFspotUploadDaemon Version 2.0.0
[13:03:14] INFO: Starting Daemon…
[13:05:52] INFO: Uploading datapoint: 20210118,13:05,14230017,1356,0,231.137 => OK (200)
[13:07:47] INFO: Uploading datapoint: 20210118,13:10,25899268,708 => OK (200)
[13:10:52] INFO: Uploading datapoint: 20210118,13:10,14230124,1284,0,229.893 => OK (200)
[13:12:42] INFO: Uploading datapoint: 20210118,13:15,25899318,600 => OK (200)
[13:15:52] INFO: Uploading datapoint: 20210118,13:15,14230225,1212,0,230.14 => OK (200)
[13:17:42] INFO: Uploading datapoint: 20210118,13:20,25899366,576 => OK (200)
[13:20:52] INFO: Uploading datapoint: 20210118,13:20,14230322,1164,0,229.297 => OK (200)

PVoutput does not show any live data for this inverter but shows one datapoint in the middle of my night:

2021-01-18 01:55 0.000kWh 0.000kWh/kW 0W

It appears the problem is not on my end because of the successful upload return status but I have no idea as how to solve this. Any ideas?

The energy values sent looks to be too high and is failing validation.

Generally no checks are made on the upload for cumulative data (c1=1), the upload will be accepted but may be rejected.