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There’s much backstory to write here so I’ll write like a robot to make it faster. (Or skip to Now the question)
Installed panels in 08 September 2012.
Didn’t buy companion tablet for monitor, ridiculously expensive (850€).
I monitored the system from invoices only.
March 2015 fuse tripped in main electrical panel, system went off, I had no idea.
Found out from invoice, lost 3 months of sunlight.
Did a lot of searching so I could avoid a similar occurrence. Found pvoutput.org, created account. Experimented with RPi zero, and Gen 3 later on, couldn’t make it work. Found an app for android called “Oxley Solar” it monitored panels perfectly. Been using it ever since.
Today I thought to check panel activity degradation during the years. Free app goes back only one month. Bought pro app. Noticed it has a pvoutput functionality. Found my old account, got it working somehow.

Now the question.
Can I upload the whole database from my inverter somehow?
The Oxley solar app gives me a backup feature, and an export to csv feature.
The .bak is random gibberish when read like text, so it’s a format for the app only, or certain apps.
The .csv is in normal text, and can show the daily total for all years, or a much more detailed output of per 5 minutes production for all 24 hours, but that only goes back to December 10 2021, and I think the inverter itself overwrites previous entries, which is a real shame knowing all that data is lost now.
So can I upload any of that to my system entry in pvoutput? That way I can get a better picture of my system, and also keep the hourly data.

Nevermind, I found it under, add output, bulk loading, right?
But why is there a limit to 200 records per operation?

Ok, now I’m stuck again. I figured the daily bulk upload, but now I tried to bulk upload the detailed values, and live doesn’t work since I have the date for them.
These are my live values

Date,Time,Power (W),Energy (Wh)

I think I must upload these in daily, but I’m confused with Power (W), and Energy (Wh).

This data should be loaded using the Live Loader.

The date is entered once at the top of the configuration.

The time, power and energy are in positions 2, 3 and 4 respectively.


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Hey, thanks for the reply.
The problem is that I also get the date in the csv like this “20211110”. And I don’t see any way to include those in the form for uploading. There is no position for a date field since I get to specify that at the top.
I guess I could delete the date, and upload that way. I was asking if there was another way I am missing.

Also I’ve been hit with this. I can’t upload older values than 14 days prior?

There is 14 day back load limitation for 5 minute data, documented below -

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