Upload Temperature Only with addbatchstatus API


Since WeatherUnderground doesn’t provide free API keys anymore, I want to use OpenWeatherMap.org to get temperatures and upload them to PVO.
There is some delay (30 mins) to get the data from OWM and in the meantime the solar generation is already uploaded to PVO.
Is there a way to upload only temperatures, without energy or power generation? Providing empty data for both is refused, as stated in the manual.

Bad request 400: Missing energy and power values [20181226,16:30,,,,,15.3]

Feature request maybe?


Add Batch Status will need to be enhanced to support this.

Add Status does supports temperature only upload, but will take more requests.


Thanks @bankstownbloke
Any chance this gets implemented in the near future? That would be great!


Yes, this has been converted to an ‘Idea’ so its in the enhancement queue.