Upload stops in less than an hour


I have been using PVOutput since I put in my solar panels. I recently discovered that my TED5000 had reset itself and hasn’t been uploading anything to PVOutput for several months. I’ve factory reset the TED5000 and setup the Energy Posting using the Activation URL and Unique ID. The uploads start without a problem but stop less than a hour after they start. I’ve check various settings but can’t figure out why this stops. Does anyone have any ideas what might solve me issue? Thanks for your help!


Have you checked to see if you can PING the TED5000 from another host on your network after it stops sending data to PVO? Is there an underlying network problem?


I’ve got a TED5000 System as well that I installed back in 2011. I use a different method to grab the data from the TED and upload it to PVO, but my experience with the TED may be applicable to you.

The Power Line to Network interface has an internal battery in it to keep the internal clock alive when power is interrupted. On my TED, that battery has failed and the clock resets anytime I lose power. Even though I have the configuration set to update time to an NTP server, it won’t after a power cycle. I have to manually go into the configuration and set the time and date. Once it is set, then the NTP updates will work again and my update method will also work.

Long story short, assuming that you can access the TED as @grannos suggests, then make sure that the TED shows the correct time and date.


Hi @pjschaffer, I have a TED5000 as well since 2011 and is still working. In the event of a failure, how are you retrieving data from it at this point.


I use the LiveData API to access the TED Directly and then use a custom script to upload consumed kW and kWh, voltage and temperature from my weather station via the PVO APIs. Most of this can be done directly by PVO, but I like the control and challenge of doing it myself.


Yes, after the TED5000 no longer sends data I can still ping it from my devices on my home LAN.


The unit still stores data locally. The issue I’m having is the device is no longer uploading to PVoutput.


I’ll need to see if it’s still keeping time. It’s possible that the battery is dead.


I’ll look into that as an alternative to getting data to PVoutput.


I have a TED5000 as well. Earlier on I had difficulty getting TED5000 to retain connection to PVO. I called Technical support for TED5000 and after several weeks of question/reply, here is the list of things to try assuming the Gateway battery is functioning. If batterry not functioning: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNK8TxVuAuU

  1. Reboot the modem
  2. Restart TED5000 from the menu> Advanced screen
  3. Disconnect from PVO and re-initiate connection to PVO on a laptop/computer via a network cable connection to the same router the Gateway is connect to.
  4. Under Edit> Network Settings, change HTTP to Port 80 and HTTPs to Port 443
    This last thing(4) got me connected well with PVO


Thanks for your help with this. Let me give that a try next week when I get back to my home.


A couple more network settings that can be changed if above does not work. I’ll get you those values later.