Upload generation, import, export separately


It would be good if we were to be able to upload 3 energy values to pvo: generated, imported, exported.
For all the mains meters measuring import and export seperately it would be logical to be able to upload them seperately. At the moment pvo doesn’t support both importing&exporting energy in the 5 min interval.


If the Extended Data Rules were relaxed - I don’t know if this is possible. You would be able to calculate v3 from GENERATED + IMPORTED - EXPORTED.

Something to add to the wish list.


Adding export/import energy as a future enhancement to Add Status API


good news , how long will it take?


Great, thanks!


…and being able to chart this would be awesome for battery-owners as well. Currently for battery users ‘export’ (surplus of generation over consumption) isn’t exported to grid, much of it is ‘exported’ into the battery instead. Being able to explicitly work with ‘exported to grid’ and ‘imported from grid’ would be awesome, rather than having to calculate it as ‘export less (fudged-sucked-in-to-battery)’ calculation…