Upload Data via API - Import Peak figure always .003Kw too low?


I have recently had a Solar Analytics 3G device installed to my 5Kw system that gives Generated, Exported, Consumption, and Imported figures.

The Generated figure is slightly different from the Fronius Inverter number, but I have decided to use the Solar Analytics generated figures for simplicity. I notice that even though I sent the correct Import Peak number (ie 9300) as part of the API data, the PVOutput Imported database field number is reduced by 3 watts to 9297.

My data string is &d=20170626&g=22194&e=16500&ip=9300&c=5700

To fix this I have to resend the IP data string again as &d=20170626&ip=9300

Why is this so - as a famous guy once said :wink:

Many thanks
John in Sunny Carnarvon - Western Australia


This has been fixed, give it another try.


Great service! The error has now been fixed for me and the correct figure is now given by the database without having to resend the &ip= data.

I have modified my upload script accordingly.

Many thanks
John in Sunny Carnarvon - Western Australia