Upload data of 3 inverters using SBFSpot

I have a 10KW PV-plant with 3 SMA inverters (2x SB3000TL-20 + 1xSB4000TL-20).
With SBFSpot I can read out the 3 inverters.
For the upload the data to pvoutput I need a different SID (System Id) for each inverter.
I could create one SID during the creation of my account. Using that SID I could upload the data of 1 invertor.
What I couldn’t find is how to create a second and a third SID for the other 2 invertors.
Secondly, should I create a fourth SID to view the invertors in 1 picture?

What am I missing / doing wrong?

You need donator status to create more than one sid and the fourth parent

Thanks for the reply / advice.

I have now the donator status and the 2 additional inverters could be added.
Also the parent sid has been added.

I can see now, on the parent system, the summary line of the child systems.
What I didn’t find is how to show on the parent system display also the lines of each child system.

Do you have any idea?

Not sure what you mean.
You could use compare but this can show live data for 2 sids. If yo need to visualize all 3 sids you could also use compare but then you are presented with efficiency only.


I’ve attached a screenshot of what I meant in the previous post.
The green, brown and red line are the 3 converters.
The yellow part is the aggration.

Is that something that would be possible with pvoutput.org ?