Update Output Efficiency - Server Error


I am trying to change the system size for a date range by using the Update Output Efficiency button (as per https://forum.pvoutput.org/t/fix-for-historical-efficiency-after-upgrade/226/2 ).
When I enter the new system size and click enter I receive an error: The server is not responding. Please try again later.
This has been occurring for a few hours now.
I am changing this historic data due to losing one of the strings on the inverter for 3 months. If there is a better way I’m all ears!
Thank you.


Thanks for reporting this - should be resolved in the next few days.


The issue has been fixed, please try updating again.


Thanks for that @bankstownbloke
Unfortunately I’m still not having any luck.
I now receive the message

No outputs passed to update

Have tried both Chrome and Safari


Could you try clearing your browser cache then reloading the page?


No luck sorry.
Tried Safari and Chrome (cleared cache on both).
Even tried a different PC with Chrome and Edge.


Sorry - give it another try.