Unusual Consumption Data Spikes

Hi, I have recently installed 10kw Grid-tied solar system and I also using the smart meter to record energy consumption, energy export, import and that data is available to me over the cloud platform. I observed unusual energy consumption spike in the morning when inverter starts and this is happening every after 4 to 5 days. But when i downloaded the data from the cloud, I am unable to see the wrong figures in that downloaded data. But the cloud app is showing it incorrectly. Any idea what is actually causing this? Any suggestion?

Thanks in advance.


Correction and update: I found the wrong data consumption in the data I exported from the PV portal. I am using Solarman PV logger. That also shows the incorrect data in daily consumption. Solaman support team is saying that this is not the logger issue and inverter is generating the abnormal data spikes. Any idea and suggestion about their comment? Is it normal in other inverters or loggers as well?