UK smart meter upload to pvoutput

I have avoided smart meters but expect I will need to change at some point to take advantage of variable tariffs. I currently upload both gas and electricity (PV and import) up to Pvoutput using Current cost clamps and Current Cost gasmart kit. Is there a simple way of getting data from a UK smart meter into Pvoutput? I am not into paying any annual subscriptions but don’t mind buying kit. I fear I might be told that it depends which smart meter I end up with, each having different formats or whatever. Perhaps I am being synical and will be told that all smart meters provide identical data but I am not hoding my breath knowing the chaotic UK implementation of smart meters. Any help or advice most welcome.

Unfortunately this would be the case.

You could just continue with the current clamps?

Hildebrand sell devices that can report your smart meter data. I have used one with SMETS1 elec/gas meters for a couple of years.
I get real time (i.e. every 5 seconds or so) data for elec and gas import total meter reads, and instantaneous elec usage (+/- depending on whether I’m importing or exporting).
I used to get elec export total but lost that when meters got moved to DCC?
You can access data via API or MQTT (I used API initially and then switched to MQTT).
You would obviously need some way to get that data into PVOutput still.

Forgot to say, the folks at Hildebrand/Glow are super helpful if you have any questions.

Thanks for this suggestion - however I think you are saying that there is no existing way of getting the data into pvoutput - am I right?

yes I could continue, but when I get the gas smart-meter I will lose the ability to use the pulse counting device I currently use from Current cost, so I won’t be able to put this up to Pvoutput.

Does anyone know what smartmeters get installed in UK now? Can we choose a make, or do we just get what we are given? Is it dependant on our network operator I wonder? Any info much appreciated.

I know in Australia your meter is dependant on your provider. Once it’s installed you can switch and they keep the existing.