Two systems, one active, one disabled - how to enable

have two systems setup for many years
logged in and see that one is disabled, don’t see any way to enable
why, what, who, how
thanks in advance

Multiple systems are enabled with a donation account.

i have donateted…
only the multiple accounts are not showing up in the master sid

Hi its simple, go to settings at top of your page, click, a pop up opens scroll down to bottom of page it show’s all systems’ you have click on edit and change it from inactive to live at the top of the pop up page, Jim

Is your system now ok ? I have a similar problem. I also have two systems. Both reporting for a couple of years but I foolishly tried to combine them on a single reporting page by using the parent /child feature. The earlier APS system is still reporting normally but the later enphase system has not reported since March. I would like to delete the existing enphase system and a recently created parent /child system and start afresh with enphase but cannot see how to do this. Any body help ?

The easiest method is to disable current systems by stopping the automatic uploads and create new systems.