Two SolarEdge Inverters - One Single SolarEdge Site ID - 3 Arrays - How to setup in PVO?



I am hoping someone can tell me the proper way to configure PV Output for 2 inverters, 3 arrays, all linked to SAME SolarEdge Site ID and SAME API KEY? I can pull the data via the SE API directly, however that same data (and values) do not appear inside of PVO given the new inverter I’ve added. I’ve seen bits and pieces of this answered in other threads with similar, but not for this exact use case/scenario (I am used to being the one-off. lol).


  • I have PVO currently setup for my SE6000H which has 2 arrays. I am trying to add my expansion.
  • I expanded my system with a SE3000H with 1 additional array
  • In theory, I expected the combined output to appear inside PVO as only SiteID is specified inside PVO, however it appears generation is not showing for the new inverter (or I’m looking at something incorrectly)


  • 2 Inverters, 3 arrays, all linked to the SAME SolarEdge Site ID.

  • The expanded system I am trying to add to PVO, but I’m not sure how to do this as it resides within the existing SolarEdge Site ID (which is the only value you can specify inside PVO setup)


  • How do I see combined generation of the scenario above in PVO and if possible, breakout generation by specific inverter?

  • I also have a Eagle 200 reporting net consumption feeding into the totals. Also, out of curiosity, which SE API does PVO use to pull in generation data?


            "Inventory": {
                "meters": [
                        "name": "Production Meter",
                        "firmwareVersion": "62",
                        "connectedTo": "Inverter 2",
                        "connectedSolaredgeDeviceSN": "7316XXXX-XX",
                        "type": "Production",
                        "form": "physical",
                        "SN": "606XXXXXX"
                        "name": "Production Meter",
                        "manufacturer": "WattNode",
                        "model": "RWND-3D-240-MB",
                        "firmwareVersion": "25",
                        "connectedTo": "Inverter 1",
                        "connectedSolaredgeDeviceSN": "7312XXXX-XX",
                        "type": "Production",
                        "form": "physical",
                        "SN": "407XXXX"
                "sensors": [],
                "gateways": [],
                "batteries": [],
                "inverters": [
                        "name": "Inverter 1",
                        "manufacturer": "SolarEdge",
                        "model": "SE6000",
                        "communicationMethod": "ETHERNET",
                        "cpuVersion": "3.2251.0",
                        "SN": "7312XXXX-XX",
                        "connectedOptimizers": 19
                        "name": "Inverter 2",
                        "manufacturer": "SolarEdge",
                        "model": "SE3000",
                        "communicationMethod": "ETHERNET",
                        "cpuVersion": "3.2221.0",
                        "SN": "7316XXXX-XX",
                        "connectedOptimizers": 9

From SolarEdge Site Energy Report API (

        "date": "2018-10-17 00:00:00",
        "value": 28752
        "date": "2018-10-18 00:00:00",
        "value": 33234

From PVO Dashboard:


The difference between PVO (negative) and SolarEdge’s API (correct) output appears to be from the new inverter, so the question is, why isn’t PVO pulling in the combined generation from the same site ID?

Side feature request - I would be great if we could specify the SolarEdge inverter SN in the PVO site setup so data can be retrieved (from SolarEdge) using this value, and subsequently grouped and aggregated via that primary type key.

Any help in getting this sorted is greatly appreciated!!

Best Regards and thanks in advance!!


If the inverter has been added to an existing system that is already using PVOutput Auto Uploader you will need to edit the system and click on Save to refresh the inverter list - since it will still have 1 inverter.

For 5-minute data{inverter}/data.csv

For 15-minute data{siteId}/energy.csv


Thank you sir!!! Edit+Save did the trick! Combined generation is now reporting correctly with two SolarEdge inverters under the same site id!

Since I have 3 arrays and PVO only supports 2 arrays, with having only two panel types (19 x LG330N1C-A5 and 9 x LG350Q1C-A5) would it be correct and appropriate to simply combine the 19 LG350’s into one array and the 9 LG350’s into another array? Does this impact anything? I’ve entered it this way and hopefully this is the optimal way to handle this scenario.

Thank you for all the help!!


The secondary array information is only used for display purposes, it doesn’t affect any other aspects of the setup. Both arrays can be configured in anyway to add up to the actual system total size.


Thank you for all the help. Another donation just sent!