Two ideas: totals in summary; time of max peak power in live overview

Was thinking about two ideas to be implemented, which both should give some more easy insights.

A) Totals in Summary overview
The Summary overview gives a really nice overview over the years what the generated energy per month is. This Summary however does not show a total per year.

A total per year could be seen via the Yearly tab, but this overview doesn’t show the totals per months (and compared to the same months in previous years).

Therefore I think this could be handy, because it shows you than fairly easy and quickly how much energy is (/was) generated in the current (/ previous years).

B) In the live overview the max peak power in W is shown. However, it does not show at what time this max peak power was achieved. Now I’ve to search through all the data to find out what the time was.

Could the time be added next to the Peak power?

A “Total” column has been added to the table.

The peak time is shown when hovering over the peak power.


Superb! Thanks for the adjustments! :+1: