Two Fronius Inverters, and a smart meter



I’ve gone through the help files and forums, but haven’t had any luck.

My setup is:

Two Fronius Inverters 5kw, both have their own datalogger ID
One Fronius Smart Meter.

I set one inverter to send data using

Solar API v1 - Current Data - inverter

code: /service/r2/froniuspost.jsp?sid=MYID&key=MYKEY&dayenergy=1&delay=5&auto=1&v6=Voltage_AC_Phase_1&nodayenergy=1

Solar API v1 Current Data - meter


Solar API v1 - Logdata - Data


Now, with the above, i an establish a successful connection.

However, the data showing as generated, is not not accurate as solarweb shows greater.

What am i doing wrong ?

Any help / advice appreciated.


The hourly log push should display the exact data as the Fronius every hour.

The nodayenergy=1 is not longer used. Use dayenergy and it is only applicable on the inverter push.

Day energy should be enabled (dayenergy=1) unless the inverter is using a firmware that had issues with generation not increasing.


Ill make those adjustments shortly.

Confirming I only need to configure the push settings on 1 inverter and not both ?


Have setup Data Aggregation.



Sorry, missed the part that there were two data loggers. Yes the Data Aggregation feature will help with this. Push both inverters to two child systems and create a parent to represent the total of the two.

The meter data can be either pushed to one of the children or the parent directly.


This week I put another Fronius inverter Primo 3.0.1 in my system.

I put the secondary inverter in slave mode, that consequently disable the datamanager.

So I connect both inverters through the solar net cable, using the “out” conector in the First (master) and the “in” in the second (slave) inverter.

It worked fine and I didn’t have to make any adjusts in the Pvoutput. It sum all data automatically on Pvoutput, like you have just one inverter.

Pay atention in the terminators on the solar net conectors on both inverters. If you let one of it out, the inverters will not work.


Exactly this (edupenna). The Fronius will do it all for you