Trying to fix Enphase consumption glitch from 5/7

So, Enphase had a consumption monitoring glitch on 5/7/2024 that affected some customers. For me it resulted in showing my consumption for the day at over 200 MWh. sid=97268

Can’t even see the generation in the chart due to the scaling. Anyway, I’ve downloaded the data for the day and corrected the bad data in the csv file. I then uploaded the data to a test system I had created a while ago for testing uploads. sid=98208 The live production view for the date looks good after the upload. However, on the daily view it is showing 0 for generation and all consumption is import. The live production view for the day does show correct generation/consumption/import/net in the charts.

Not sure what I’m missing here.

Live Production View

Daily View

I still have some additional corrections to make because Enphase deleted all consumption data from their system for the date in question. I have no consumption data from 18:35 to 23:55. I’m working from interval data from electric company. Starting around 18:30 I was consuming more than production so it’s just an easy math exercise for me to get some numbers.

Anyway, I’m just wondering what I’m not doing correctly to get the daily view to match what the day shows in the live production view for the day.

Here are the import settings I’m using:

The only thing being modified in the downloaded csv file is the POWER_IN column for the hours where they had the issue. 11:05-14:15. I also deleted the first column from the csv that has the date. So column numbers are shifted by one from the dowloaded data. Either way the live production view after import looks good.

Side note, when I’m in my test system I see a link “2 Systems” which I can click to get to my default system. When I’m viewing my default system that link does not appear so the only way I can get to the other is by clicking settings and scrolling down to the bottom and clicking the system name there. Possibly because I have it in Testing mode?

Possibly a bug with the Live Loader or I’m still missing some setting?

I found the following issues:

If I only import the Power_OUT the live data view for the day is correct with energy calculated, etc.

  • When looking at the daily it shows no generation but does show the peak power with a time.
  • Consumption looks good as well with total energy but shows it all as import.

If I import Energy_OUT instead of Power_OUT the daily shows generated and the Consumption import looks correct as well. But then the peak power is missing.

It seems that as far as consumption goes just importing Power_IN updates both the live production view as well as the daily view correctly.

The only way I could get it correct on the Generation side is by importing both Energy_OUT and Power_OUT in the live loader. Even though if you leave one off it calculates the other correctly in the Live Production view for the day. It just doesn’t transfer it over properly to the daily view unless both values are imported.

It appears that if needing to import Generation data from a system that only provides Power_OUT. I would have to import Power_OUT. Then export it with the correct Energy_OUT values which were calculated during the import. Then import it a second time using both Energy_OUT and Power_OUT.

Where when importing Consumption data I only need to import Power_IN since it updates the daily view correctly without having the Energy_IN as part of the import.