Trannergy Logging works but it stops suddenly in PVOutput

Hello everybody.
I have been using my trannergy inverter for years and it worked well all this years with the output to PVOutput.
But since August 21, 2020 (2 days ago) nothing is coming in at PVOutput anymore. :disappointed:
Everything still works fine on Trannergy’s own portal
Does anyone also suffer from this or does someone have an idea of what is going on?
Thanks in advance!

same problem

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i sent an email to: . it helped before

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Hi jandahmen.
So you have the same problem on the same day?
Apparently I’m not the only one with this problem.
The problem must be with trannergy and not PVO, I think?

I’m going to do the same, I’m going to email them. If they receive more mail, then they probably also act earlier.

its working again