Touched tariff plans - broke graph


I’m on a time seasonal TOU tariff plan.
System -

Last week I noticed that my graphs were still showing Peak and Shoulder despite the fact that I should now be in one of my seasonal TOU Tariff plans that only has Shoulder and Off-Peak (April and May)
I went into the setup and noticed that only 1 of my 4 seasonal TOU Tariff planswas enabled (i.e. had a ‘+’ sign) so I loaded each of the others and enabled them.
Now they all show as enabled, however, my graph now shows no Peak/Shoulder/Off-Peak in the background.

I don’t know what I’ve done to break it, but @bankstownbloke I was hoping I could bother you to take a look and see what’s happened?



Hover over the daily balance and it will show the current active plan -


There was a display bug before which prevented this from happening, but now fixed.

Edit the tariffs and load the Ausgrid/PS Other (Autumn) plan, if you look at the Time Periods.

There is no Peak period defined, so anything outside of shoulder becomes Off-peak